Offering New Choices for Native Lifestyles and a Global Voice Opportunity Literacy; Awareness of New Innovations

Welcome to the AISD Innovations Incubator!

Contact Frank Odasz to create social recognition for local innovators you know about
by adding them to the following list of current AISD and Metlakatla innovations:
Email additional innovations and innovators to:

Current AISD and Metlakatla Digital Innovations and Innovators
This is  an ongoing list of current AISD and Metlakatla digital innovations,
for which we need everyone to contribute innovations they learn of to celebrate
local innovators and to inspire more innovations to support the public good.

First Digital Generation of Alaska Native Youth Can Change the World
This is the biggest opportunity for Alaska Native youth in 10,000 years.

AISD and Metlakatla Indian Community Featured
as First Alaska Native Digital Village in National Article:

Opportunity Literacy 101:
Recommended Future Innovations to Inspire Local Tsimshian Innovations in Metlakatla:

Here’s the background for the six days of workshops that inspired this Native Incubator Project:

The Digitizing Alaska Pilot Project, Spring 2013
See the videos, free local websites, cool ebooks, and more, that were created during or after the six days of workshops from
the Spring 2013 Digitizing Alaska pilot project. Hear from those local innovators who recommended continued innovations and inspired this current Innovations Incubator project.

Here is what got funded, and we’re limited only by our imaginations:

The Alaska Native Innovations Incubator
A Social Entrepreneurship Proposal by the Annette Island School District
and the Metlakatla Indian Community

AISD’s Innovation Incubator BLOG where new innovations will be shared;
New resources, and mini-video tutorials will be posted regularly. Please share your innovations
and/or the innovations of others so we can all see our new opportunities!

Lone Eagle’s Online Recert Courses for Educators:

AISD’s Digital Montessori Vision for Multigenerational Engagement
This proposed vision links Tsimshian values to Digital Montessori K-100 best practices.

Why Should You Care? 3 Good Reasons:

1. Now that we can digitally preserve all elder’s wisdom and stories for all future generations; WE MUST ASAP!

2. Retain youth for the future of your village via meaningful new roles and their learning-to-earn online; so they can live and work anywhere.

3. Sustain Alaska Native culture and embrace the destiny for the first Alaska Native Digital Generation:

The historic Tsimshian tradition of creative adaptation has been one of helping one another survive by being intentionally innovative and entrepreneurial.

Modern Internet connectivity, mobile devices, in many ways, are being reinvented to serve Tsimshian citizens, wherever they may choose to live, guided by Tsimshian values.

Metlakatla is already the first Alaska Native Digital Village, and has the opportunity to inspire all other Alaska Native villages by sharing both values, and vision, for sustainable cultures and communities.

As a new form of Virtual Potlatch, the spirit of Alaska Native Giving can make both a statewide and global impact.

An open invitation to all to share Tsimshian values;

AISD has received funding from Connect Alaska for an Innovations Incubator program to experiment with new ways of sharing digital innovations online. Frank Odasz, president of Lone Eagle Consulting, is partnering with AISD offering AISD’s educators, students, and citizens mentoring support, online recertification courses, and up to one-hour events for your classrooms.

We are limited only by our imaginations.

Exciting new free online tools, and apps, are part of the global boom in innovation created by 2 billion people online, now able to learn anything they want from free online tutorials, and from seeing the innovations of others. What Sal Khan has done with the, you can do too, and more.

AISD’s innovations incubator is a fun, social, learning way to see some of the best innovations everyone can enjoy for cultural celebration, expression, and preservation, as well as selling your products, art, and services, globally, and more.

A unique offer; trade, my time in return for your sharing your innovations locally;
I will provide personalized technical assistance in return for you, and yours, creating examples of new innovations to share with the local community of Metlakatla.
Such as free websites for local artists, businesses, non-profits. Or easy video captures showing what you have learned to do online related to public benefits.
Examples are at Metlalkatla’s Art Ecommerce Website (we can add a page for you, just ask.)

Growing a Entrepreneurial Culture in Metlakatla within 3-5 Years

Alaska Native youth represent the first digital generation, and the opportunity exists to grow an entrepreneurial culture in 3-5 years, starting in primary grades, based on rapidly growing their awareness, and “Opportunity Literacy,” by sharing peer success story videos regarding cultural digital storytelling, free self-directed educational resources, online entrepreneurship, and online video examples of family empowerment.

Youth, as the first generation of “digital natives” can learn to serve as hunters and gatherers of that specific new knowledge which can fuel the home fires of local innovation. Intergenerational learning, such as engaging elementary students with elders to create digital multimedia Ebooks, to preserve elders’ wisdom and stories for all future generations, is one of a growing number of timely opportunities.

The suggestion has been made to create a one credit course for HS students through Ilisagvik Tribal College, if enough interest is shown by AISD educators and students. The core theme is Youth Cyberscouts gaining a global voice as social entrepreneurs. Please contact Frank Odasz if you would like to participate and contribute your ideas.

Below are a few of the first innovations for which short videos will be posted regularly for you to show to your students, with links to self-directed learning resources and more.

Classroom events are offered for AISD educators using the new Robotic Ipad, Polycom VTC, Skype, and/or Google+; short and fun!

Fifth Graders Innovations:  Contact Mark Richards to learn more.
Here is our first video showing how a teacher in Montana will interact with 5th grade innovators in Metlakatla, Alaska:
“live” from Montana via the robotic ipad (learn more )

See our first test at the RJ Elementary School:

EVERYONE INTERESTED is invited to ask questions of Frank, just let me know what you need!

Email: PH: 406 925 2519