Digitizing Alaska

Digitizing Alaska Project Summary:

From February to May, 2013, Dr. Bob Whicker and Steve Nelson representing the Association of Alaska
School Boards, and Frank Odasz, President of Lone Eagle Consulting, presented workshops in Metlakatla,
Alaska, and Chevak, Alaska, for the “Digitizing Alaska; Broadband Strategies” Project.

This effort was championed by the AASB’s Consortium for Digital Learning (AASB/CDL),
www.cdl.aasb.org and is partially funded through a State Broadband Initiative grant awarded to the
Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, and Connect Alaska.

The outcome from this initial pilot project, was funding for a new project to build on the innovations in
Metlakatla, AK. The Annette Island School District won the funding to showcase new opportunities and
stimulate innovations by educators, students, and community members throughout the full school year;
2014-2015, to share with all Alaskan Native villages what has become possible via the new “platforms
for innovation” fast broadband, smartphones, 3G cell service, mobile devices, social media, Ecommerce,
Epublishing, and more.

Start by viewing the short summary video:

The Alaska Native Tradition of Creative Adaptation. Released Nov. 1, 2013
https://youtu.be/90TtB-fwv5Y 8 minutes.

Digitizing Alaska; Broadband Strategies
Several other videos, art-ecommerce websites, ebooks and other outcomes
from the six days of workshops Spring 2013.

The Digitizing Alaska article:
Teaching the innovation process and mindset is at the heart of entrepreneurship and creating new
opportunities. This article  was published in the March/April issue of Broadband
Communities magazine, www.bbcmag.com and showcased at the November 2013 BBC conference in
Chicago, the April 2014 BBC conference in Austin, Texas, and in Washington DC May 2014 for the
Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband Coalition conference.

An exceptionally relevant video for Metlakatla from British Columbia First Nations:
Cedar and Silicon  45 minutes
vimeo.com/17005134   Digital Natives are reinventing the relevance of the new digital opportunities.


The current plan for continuing with new innovations:

The Alaskan Native Innovations Incubator

Project Director: Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting

Monetizing and Emarketing
Resources for Epublishing and Entrepreneurship
New ways youth can learn to making the living they want, living wherever they want;

It took 6 minutes to create this short walk-through of fascinating new digital entrepreneurship and
Epublishing resources. When I finished recording, I hit a button to upload it to www.screencast.com
(in the cloud) and it put the URL in my clipboard to paste in an email or anywhere.

When all educators and students learn to do this, it transforms the efficiency of sharing skills
via “Show-Me-How” videos.

   Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and producer, all the time.

Learn More:

Online Recertification Courses from ASDN and Lone Eagle Consulting:
http://lone-eagles.com/guides.htm Frank Odasz has been teaching teachers online
across Alaska since 1998. Don’t hesitate to contact Frank directly;
Email: frank@lone-eagles.com Cell: 406 925 2519

Digitizing Alaska and Sustainable Localism Presentation
Frank Odasz presents on Metlakatla’s innovations for the Schools, Health, Libraries Broadband Coalition conference, (SHLB.org) Washington DC, May
2014. http://www.screencast.com/t/dQBhfdLaPx (20 minutes)

Rural Innovation Diffusion and Growing a Culture of Creativity
http://www.screencast.com/t/B62qAsn63   (12 minutes)
A video capture/screencast of a webtour of distance learning and Open Education innovations
presented for students at the University of Montana – Western.