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Written this week, Oct 29th.

Relating Digital Montessori, to Alaska Native Values and Lifestyles

From: Frank Odasz

My online course format since 1988, is based on Montessori principles; learner centered, learn by doing, mastery learning,
peer collaboration, and authentic assessments, with the teacher as guide on the side.

How you communicate to the community how Tsimshian values and lifestyles predated Montessori might be an opportunity
to create interest;

Historically, Native learning is very similar where families live, work and learn together. Something digital tools allow us to
return to, full circle (live/work anywhere.) Emphasis on nature and family lifestyles, cultural and community, more than the love of money.

What I see as new to traditional Montessori, is the K-100 intergenerational opportunity and teaching digital entrepreneurship in a social enterprises and sustainable native lifestyles context. “Entrepreneurship needs to be taught in primary grades so children grow up with entrepreneurship as a lifelong option.” This can be done in 3-5 years, within the current grant timeline.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes children to sustain a village.

Preschoolers and Elders CAN learn together and mentor and encourage
one another in meaningful ways.

AISD’s opportunity is to weave Tsimshian values, and Native giving as community-building via digital peer mentoring, and youth
creating digital “gifts” for community members, particularly for those not digitally inclined. Offering social recognition and cultural celebrationfor those who contribute to the community, both culturally, and digitally, as the two combined are becoming very common.

As global citizens, Native youth need to realize for the first time in history they have a global “VOICE,” as global citizens, and can make a major impact on the lives of others, anywhere in the world, by sharing their knowledge and encouragement. Natives as stewards of the Earth is one of a number of “Native Value Attributes” for positive global change.

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth”  Eric Fromm

Alaska Native Values: http://ankn.uaf.edu/ANCR/AlaskaNativeValues 

Native resources, Native Language apps, and more, from the Alaska Native Knowledge Network

One outstanding example:
Here is a memorial blog celebrating elders who have passed: http://ingallakqerrataq.blogspot.com/
This blog used to also have links to their fiddle music, which was really outstanding as an ongoing tribute!

Other examples can be gathered and shared by students, as cyberscouts, similar to this dated listing;

Briefly, this infographic poster might be useful at your end?:
digital learning infographic:
Infographic: 9 Ways Digital Learning Tools Function, How Deeper Learning Contributes to Digital Learning
Through these NEW ROLES students can connect to their future through authentic and meaningful learning.
This is the methodology of AISD’s Innovations Incubator’s modules.

The short article below is a nice summary of Montessori;
Student-centered learning with teachers as the guide on the side.
Similarities between Montessori and digital learning

Relating Montessori to Digital Entrepreneurship and Creativity;
Is Montessoir the secret behind google and amazon?

LEARN MORE: http://lone-eagles.com/digital-montessori-resources.htm

AISD’s Digital Montessori Vision (Proposed Draft by Frank Odasz)


Frank Odasz was inspired after attending the 2011 potlatch for LeVerne Welcome, and has been teaching Alaskan educators online courses since 1998. As the sole person behind Lone Eagle Consulting, Frank enjoys the freedom of being an instructional entrepreneur, living on a ranch in Montana, with no bosses and no employees. Giving others this opportunity to live and work wherever you want, is Frank's passion.

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