Klawock Native Apps Business

Simon Roberts offers a service where you can create apps without coding. See http://www.zimonzayz.com/resume.html and
http://workapphome.com He has Tlingit language apps and lives in Klawock. He is eager to share the entrepreneurial mindset that can allow everyone to “Make the living they want, living wherever they want.” More digital entrepreneurship opportunities are at http://lone-eagles.com/opportunities.htm

Based in Juneau, AK, see http://workapphome.com

See Mozilla’s Webmaker to create webpages and apps: https://webmaker.org   (select the tools tab)


Frank Odasz was inspired after attending the 2011 potlatch for LeVerne Welcome, and has been teaching Alaskan educators online courses since 1998. As the sole person behind Lone Eagle Consulting, Frank enjoys the freedom of being an instructional entrepreneur, living on a ranch in Montana, with no bosses and no employees. Giving others this opportunity to live and work wherever you want, is Frank's passion.

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  1. Annapureddy says:

    I like the idea of using apps in teaching. It can be a fun and iveiracttne way to help students learn. I must say though, that I am disappointed that there are not more art apps on the list. Even the ones that are there are mostly about music. There are many apps out there that could and should be added to the list. The top ten rated apps in 2010 by TheTeachingPalette.com are: Animalia, Accudraw, Faces imake, Kids Origami, Sketchn’ Guess Lite, Photobable, Art & Music, MoMA AB EX NY, SmartHistory, and French Impressionism. I think these apps would be a great benefit to the list in your post.

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