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Learn time-saving cool tools quickly. See growing list for educators, students, and citizens;

Open Invitation: SEE the dozen first easy-to-learn cool tool innovations you can learn quickly! Here is the new quickstart version with all short video tutorials; to see quickly what you can do too! Everyone is invited to contact Frank Odasz directly with questions and suggestions PH: 406 925 2519  Email: There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I’d love to talk to everyone interested in creating innovations. Written this week, Oct 29th. Relating Digital Montessori, to Alaska Native Values and Lifestyles From: Frank Odasz My online course format since 1988, is based on Montessori...


Klawock Native Apps Business

Simon Roberts offers a service where you can create apps without coding. See and He has Tlingit language apps and lives in Klawock. He is eager to share the entrepreneurial mindset that can allow everyone to “Make the living they want, living wherever they want.” More digital entrepreneurship opportunities are at Based in Juneau, AK, see See Mozilla’s Webmaker to create webpages and apps:   (select the tools tab)


AISD’s Innovation Incubator

Welcome to the blog for AISD’s Innovations Incubator! We’ll be posting mini-video tutorials, cool tools, new apps, and more, on a regular basis. Did you know the Cook Inlet Tribal Council has a new Native Global Video Gaming Business? See this short video trailer and prepare to be inspired: And here is the website; their first video game is due out this November! Here is their vision for promoting Alaska Native values globally, while creating exciting video game production jobs for their youth! The Future of Video Games is Also the Future of Digital Storytelling Please...