October Newsletter


Hello!  My name is Joy Wintersteen and I’m your child’s school counselor.  My husband, two children and I have just moved to Metlakatla from Colorado.  I’m an Alaskan at heart, though, having grown up in Bethel, Alaska.  We are really enjoying ourselves in your community.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

The students and I are having fun getting to know each other.  Kelso the frog, Sammy the snail, and Clancy the hermit crab have been making weekly visits to each classroom.  In the first month of school, we focused on PRIDE, which stands for Prepared, Respectful and Responsible Individuals who Do the right thing and strive for Excellence.  In our Friday assemblies, classes can win a golden award for showing PRIDE in the lunchroom (a golden lunch tray), hallways (golden shoe), bathrooms (golden toilet plunger) classrooms (golden broom).  Classes may also win the golden plaque for attendance and the golden hand for helping each other and teachers.  Individual students also pick prizes for showing PRIDE.

In addition, Kelso the frog and his friends have been helping students remember Kelso’s Choices,  a curriculum we use school wide.  When students are having problems with others, they are encouraged to try one of nine options.  This will be Kelso’s third year at RJES, and teachers report that it has been very helpful in teaching children how to deal with conflicts.  You will see Kelso’s Nine Choices on the back of this newsletter.  Please take time to discuss the wheel with your child.  In this way you can reinforce at home what they are learning in school.

October is Alcohol/Drug Awareness month here at RJES.  I will be teaching lessons and doing activities with each class to raise their awareness about alcohol, drugs, and smoking.  Red Ribbon Week, the final week of October, is a special time when schools nationwide campaign to “say no” to drugs and alcohol.  Watch for announcements on how we here at RJES will celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

Please contact me with any concerns you might have.  My office phone is 886-4121 extension 2253.  You can also email me at: jwintersteen@aisdk12.org.   My office is just across the hall from the main office. Just look for the door with the big flower.  I look forward to speaking with you!



It’s Your Choice!

Do you have a small problem?

Try 2 of Kelso’s Choices:



If you have a BIG problem, tell an adult you trust.



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