Online Learning

Many students are already seeing the benefits of using resources made available by the web such as Khan Academy, Ted Ed and Achieve3000. These learning tools are free to access anytime for AISD students. When at home or at the library computer kids can use an AISD login to keep the fun and learning going.

Khan Academy offers fun lessons for any level math learner from basic addition to calculus. In addition to mathematical help Khan Academy also offers help in areas of science, computer, arts, humanities and test prep.

Khan Academy

Ted Ed offers searchable lessons that come to life with fun animation.


Achieve 3000 offers reading opportunities that are adjusted to the reading level of any student.

Achieve 3000 offers live homework help 24/7 for any Alaskan student k-12. This service is made possible through the Alaskan State Library. Click below for more information.

Homework Help

Please contact Jason Pipkin if you have any questions about using these resources or any other technology.

Jason Pipkin

(907) 886-6000 Ext. 2257

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