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“Education is everyone’s business in Metlakatla”


Our Vision

Integrate culture, writing and technology across the curriculum to engage student participation and increase student achievement.

Our Mission

Community, parents, faculty and staff are continually working together to provide excellent learning opportunities for all students to become self-sufficient and successful in life while embracing and honoring the community and all heritages.

Further, it is the position of the Annette Islands School District Board of Education that students have the following responsibilities:

1. To be present and actively engaged during all regularly scheduled classes.
2. To refrain from any practices which result in a disruption of the learning process.
3. To relate to others in a manner which is characterized by courtesy, respect for the property and person of    others and self-respect
4. To follow the prescribed rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies of the district.
5. To approach their involvement in the school with an attitude and spirit of cooperation.

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School Board


Jody Leisholmn (President)
Jamie Chinuhuk
Tia Atkinson
Darcy Booth
Bruce Janes


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