6th Grade Genius Hour


 What is Genius Hour?

Based on an idea implemented by Google’s Genius Hour, students were given one class period for a duration of two months to research, create and share something of their interest.  Google allows a portion of their workers to work on whatever they would like for 20% of the time as long as it is devoted to promoting the company. This creates drive for their workers and results in new and improved additions to Google. In the classroom we were after the same thing.

The idea is, if students are allowed to pursue a topic of their interest, they are highly motivated to learn the skills naturally of learning about a new topic.  If they ran into a road block, students were forced to problem solve in order to complete the task, or modify their original idea. 

Check out the slideshow below, where you will find their final thoughts and links to their projects. We hope you learn something new!

Click ‘Slides’ above to see a list of all students.

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